15:33, color video with sound
Nida Art Colony, Lithuania 2012 / 2014

One day, while at Nida Art Colony, I found out that a bomb exploded in Beirut where I had been living for the last few years. It happened very close to my house. I was shocked and I lost contact with reality. Bombs explode in Beirut every so often but that time was different: it happened right after I had left Beirut to arrive in Lithuania, and it happened that I was not on Internet so I only found out about it later, 22 hours later. This delayed knowledge left me in a void, in a place where I had no time to digest the news.
One day an artist walked by the sea. He told everyone that he had discovered corpses of two wild boars on the beach. Lying in the sand, against the sun, where they real? Other artists claimed to have seen them too. Was it a myth, a story to tell, a projection, a memory? On that same day when I found out about the car bomb in Beirut he told me to go and see the dead wild pigs. Was it coincidence? Through interviews with all resident artists and curators, who were present at the colony at that time, this video investigates the relationships between residents, the intimacy they share, the subjects they talk about. It subtly reflects on memory, gossip and scandal.