Surface (or on darkness), Nida Art Colony

Installation & photographic documentation: wooden frame with shattered glass painted black, black fabric.

Is there a bearable distance between what I see and what I imagine to see? The frame has its broken and destroyed surface, the darkness that got shuttered by the sea. This shuttered glass that once was in one, clear and black-painted (why was it painted black?), piece. I still see it though: its shadow on the wall. Nevertheless, the separation is inevitable: it happens right in that moment when I try to re-establish the deepest connection between these two objects. It existed once, when the frame was part of a ship and accompanied all the sailors on their voyages. This connection was reborn only in my mind and reality erases it. But in that split of a second, when you are standing far away, you can see them unite, become one again: the surfaces are almost inseparable due to an optic illusion. Only for a moment.