Art residency in Nida Art Colony in Lithuania curated by Petra Koehle and Federica Martini. Through meetings and discussions artists were encouraged to create projects that reflected on the notion of time and local ecosystem of Kuronian Spit. The residency culminated in a group exhibition Taking Time in Academy Gallery in Vilnius from 11th till 15th of December, 2012.

'Taking Time was a remarkable exhibition in the sense that artists showed their unfinished projects and opened them up for discussion and criticism. This put the critic into an unusual position - one does not just have to criticise the final artwork, but also gets a chance to discuss in what direction it should develop.' NAC Log 4, p. 89

During the three month residency stay I created various projects and works in progress. Publication Nida Book of Unrealised Projects, installations Seaside Bar, Blue Tape Notes and Surface or on Darkness, and a short video mockumentary entitled Who Killed the Wild Pigs?.

Performative event 'In Our Own Words'
Performative event book text.jpg
The Nida Book of Unrealised Projects, 2012

This book is my tribute to Nida and its potential. Since my arrival my mind has been flooded with ideas! I was constantly inspired and full of energy. I want to reciprocate this energy. I want to give something back to Nida ? because it gave me so much. This is my gift.
I understood that having so many ideas for different projects will leave me with an unfulfilled feeling simply because I will not be able to realise all of them. I got attached to them though. I wanted to convey this amazing creativity (can't find a better word to describe this state) that I was part of. I invited all the artists, researchers, curators, and an architect that I have met during my stay in Nida, to contribute to this book. Thus The Nida Book of Unrealised Projects came to life.
It is a tangible project: it integrates ideas, unfinished projects and texts from people that I personally met and spent time with. I was interested in exploring how our being together in the same place & time influenced our ideas and processes. We shared a moment in time. We shared a place. We shared energy. Will it be traceable in our ideas?

Thank you Luca Diffuse for your help with design of the book: Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_03.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_02.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_05.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_08.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_06.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_07.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_09.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_10.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_11.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_12.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_13.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_14.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_15.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_01.jpg Nida Book of Unrealized Projects_Page_04.jpg bar text.jpg
Seaside Bar, 2012

Technique: Installation, bottles, shot glasses with printed photographs of bottles found on the Nida beach

The sea can give you anything and take away all. But this time it is a feast. It is a banquet on the waves, a drunken dance on the surface of water. It's a bacchanal celebration of life. All the sailors who drank in these stormy waters are here with us. They died happy, with a smile on their tired faces. Toast to them. bar1.jpg bar2.jpg bar3.jpg notes text.jpg Tape Notes_3.jpg Tape Notes_4.jpg Tape Notes_2.jpg Tape Notes_1.jpg shot 1.jpg shot 2.jpg shot 4.jpg shot 3.jpg