2019 - 2020 Szkoła Patrzenia / The School of Seeing, Institute of Photography Fort, Warsaw
2017 - 2019 Academy of Photography, Warsaw, Poland
2013 Home Workspace Program with Jalal Toufic & Anton Vidokle, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon
1999 - 2005 MA degree in Philosophy, University of Warsaw, Poland
2001 - 2003 Gender Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland


2018 // OBSCURA Festival of Photography, finalists exhibition, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia, 25-31 August.
Palm Photo Prize, group exhibition, Palm* Studios & House of Vans London, UK, May 10 - June 3.
Love Letters to Meem, group exhibition, Station Beirut, Lebanon, May 2 - 10.

2017 // MACAM at DAR: Shorts Screening, Dar El Nimer for Culture and Arts, Beirut, Lebanon, 13 Dec.
BLICA - Biennale of Contemporary Arts, MACAM Museum, Lebanon, 16 Sep - 30 Dec.
EXILIUM. Show us the way to bitter exile, exhibition in European Solidarity Center during European Youth Conference, Gdańsk, Poland, July.
EXILIUM. Show us the way to bitter exile, exhibition in MiTo, Warsaw, Poland, January.

2016 // EXILIUM. Show us the way to bitter exile, exhibition in POLIN, Warsaw, Poland, October.
EXILIUM. Show us the way to bitter exile, exhibition in Warsztat Warszawski, Warsaw, Poland, July.

2015 // BEIRUT EVERY OTHER DAY, Twin Galleries, Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon, 9 Oct 2015 - 11 Jan 2016.
EXILIUM. Show us the way to bitter exile, solo exhibition in Dar al Mussawir, Beirut, Lebanon, May.
Mixed Feelings. Identity, 'Race' and Family in Lebanon, ArtScape, Beirut, Lebanon, Jan - Feb.

2014 // Thinking books, exhibition and event after art workshops in Warsaw, Archeology of Photography Foundation, Poland, August.

2013 // INTERIM, group exhibition in the frames of Home Workspace Program, Zico House, Beirut, Lebanon, December.
Machine Lies, film screening, in the frames of Learning from Warsaw, Porthos Hats & Caps, Marszałkowska 9/15, October 13.

2012 // Taking Time, Gallery Akademija, Vilnius, Lithuania, Dec.
Fair Trade / Free Market, Arte al Centro 2012, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy, Oct.
Mixed Feelings. Racism and 'Othering' in Lebanon from a Lebanese Perspective, Dar al Moussawir, Beirut. June.
Fair Trade / Free Market, exhibition of the project done in Torino, Italy, in collaboration with Sarah Farahat, in the frames of Porta Pila Art Market (project dates: 14-19 May 2012). Exhibition - 21 June 2012, Via Bonelli 4, Torino, Italy.

2011 // A Journey to a Perfect Fantasy, Safadi Foundation, Tripoli, Lebanon.
2010 // A Journey to a Perfect Fantasy, Café de Prague, Beirut, Lebanon.
2008 // Beirut Every Other Day: As Long as I'm Walking, Sanayeh House, Beirut, Lebanon.


2019 FORECAST PLATFORM 2019, Runner-up
2016 // Heinrich Boell Foundation - Warsaw Office, grant for translating and producing 'Exilium. Show us the way to bitter exile' project in Poland.
2015 // Heinrich Boell Foundation - Middle East Office, grant for executing and exhibiting 'Exilium. Show us the way to bitter exile' project in Lebanon.
2014 - 2015 // Heinrich Boell Foundation - Middle East Office, grant for executing and exhibiting second part of 'Mixed Feelings. Identity, 'Race' and Family in Lebanon" in Lebanon.
2012 // Individual grant for a two-month Artist Residency, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania.
2011 - 2012 // Heinrich Boell Foundation - Middle East Office, grant for executing and exhibiting 'Mixed Feelings. Look at racism and "Othering" in Lebanon from a Lebanese perspective' project in Beirut.
2011 Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Poland, individual art grant for exhibition 'A Journey to a Perfect Fantasy' in Tripoli.
2010 // Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Poland, individual art grant for a project 'A Journey to a Perfect Fantasy' and exhibition in Beirut.
2009-10 // Re-Tooling Residencies Programme for Emerging Professionals in Culture, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw.
2009 // Anna Lindh Foundation grant and City of Warsaw funding for the project 'Fenix Cities - art workshops and exhibitions in Warsaw and Beirut'.
2008 // EVS Program grant, in cooperation with the Heinrich Boell Foundation MEO, internship and cultural project involving photography workshop about women identity in Lebanon.


Photography Workshop with Vanessa Winship, Jednostka gallery, Warsaw, November 2018.
Profession: Artist, coaching course, Future Simple, Warsaw, Oct 2017 - Feb 2018.
Thinking Books, workshop, Archeology of Photography Foundation, June - July 2014.
Self-publishing workshop, 8hbooks + Warsaw Photo Days, Stara Galeria ZPAF, Warsaw, October 2013
Nida Art Colony, artist residency, Nida, Lithuania, Oct - Dec 2012.
Porta Pila Art Market, collaborative art project with Sarah Farahat, Torino, Italy, 11 - 21 May 2012.
Sensibilities, Experiences: Going Beyond the Surface, photography workshop with Laurence Leblanc in Ashkal Alwan in Beirut, May 2012.
Gasworks, curators residency, London, UK, Sep - Oct 2010.
Botkyrka Konsthall, curators residency, Stockholm, Sweden (Aug - Sep 2010).
Co-founder, UFA and Centra Foundation, Warsaw, January 2007 - January 2009.
Art Workshop Beirut Every Other Day: As long as I'm walking..., 98weeks Research Project, Beirut, 11 - 17 December 2008.
Performer, 'Freddie Mercury' Art Project by Katarzyna Górna, New Poland - Lille, France, May 2004.
Member, 'Pro Varsovia' Film Association, Warsaw, 1998-2000.


Director / Cinematographer, short documentary 'Next Sunday', Lebanon - Poland, 2018.

Photographer & Cinematographer for publication and documentary film commemorating strikes in Huta in 1988. Sociology Department of UJ and Goethe Institute Krakow, Poland, April - June 2018.

Exilium project, workshops for high-school students, in collaboration with Heinrich Boell Foundation Warsaw Office, Warsaw, Poland, November 2017 - 2018.

Visual Content producer, Danish Refugee Council Lebanon, November 2015 - April 2016
60 day consultancy as Visual Content Producer that comprised of: conceptualizing the website structure, creating product briefs and shooting, producing, photo editing and supervising audio-visual content (photography, video, audio recordings) for a new DRC ? DFID website in collaboration with DRC team. Around 9 various photography essays, photo portraits as well as five short film documentaries and audio recordings were created.

Project author, 'Exilium', February - June 2015
A narrative photography project responding to the growing crisis in Syria and the influx of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, centered around an object that was taken by the refugees from Syria. The exhibition in May 2015 presented its outcomes: 31 photography portraits accompanied by 31 personal stories of participants, a catalogue and bookmarks. On view: In collaboration with the Heinrich Boell Foundation ? Middle East Office in Beirut.

Photographer, Sound engineer, Curator, PR Manager - 'Mixed Feelings Project, part 2: Identity, 'Race' and Family, in Lebanon', Beirut, July 2014 - February 2015.

CR Manager & Production Manager, TRANSTERRA Media, news & media agency, Beirut, Lebanon, September 2012 - November 2013.

Photographer, Curator, PR Manager 'Mixed Feelings Project, part 1: Racism and 'othering' in Lebanon', Beirut, February-December 2012.

Coordinator, Exhibition 'Art Now in Poland - Winter Landscapes', organized by Polish Embassy in Beirut, The Venue Beirut Souks, September-November 2011.

Curator in Residency, Re-tooling Residencies Program, January 2010 - September 2011:
I was chosen for the Re-tooling Residencies Program for Emerging Professionals in Culture coordinated by CCA in Warsaw and awarded two residencies: at Gasworks in London (September 2010) and in Botkyrka Konsthall in Stockholm (August 2010).

Photographer, PR Manager - 'A Journey to a Perfect Fantasy', 2010 - 2011.

Manager, Arnardottir-Jurewicz Art Foundation, August 2009 - February 2011.

Curator & Coordinator, Art Project 'Fenix cities - art workshops and exhibitions in Warsaw and Beirut', August 2009 - June 2010:
Project designed and organized by me and another curator in cooperation with Raster gallery. It consisted of an exhibition of contemporary Lebanese art in Warsaw, two art workshops in Warsaw and in Beirut, exhibition of Polish art in Beirut and a comic book.
In the frames of this project I curated two exhibitions:
- Fiction in action with Lebanese artists: Ali Cherri, Randa Mirza, Walid Raad, Mounira al Solh, 21st of November - 16th of December 2009 in Raster gallery in Warsaw,
- Fitting in Space with young Polish artists (Agata Bogacka, Monika Drozynska, Nicolas Grospierre, Alicja Karska&Aleksandra Went, Katarzyna Przezwanska, Pawel Sysiak) 20th of February - 16th of March 2010 in Zico house and 98weeks Project space in Beirut.

Project and Internship with Heinrich Boell Foundation, Beirut, August - December 2008:
Research and Project explored the notion of women's identity in Lebanon and consisted of two main elements: interviews concentrating on personal narratives and a photographic workshop called 'Identity cards'. The outcomes of this project were shown during an exhibition in Beirut.

Program Coordinator, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Warsaw, December 2006 - April 2007:
'Gender Democracy and Women's Politics' Program Coordinator managing a regional program carried out in four Central and Eastern European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine) aimed at promotion of European strategies for equal rights through self-organized events as well as supporting local women and feminist organizations.

Coordinator, German-Polish Art Project 'Apartment Warsaw', December 2005 - May 2006.

Assistant, RASTER Gallery, Warsaw, October - December 2005.

* Marta is a humanitarian photographer, videographer, cinematographer, producer who is available for assignments around the world, especially in Lebanon, Middle East and Eastern Europe.