Keep it Simple - Studies for the (Im)possible installation, Nida Art Colony

Installation & photographic documentation: four objects found on the Nida beach and a pipe cover

This is an archive of photographs of 5 objects placed in my studio in Nida. Every day I rearranged them
and created different installations. I started thinking: I have never done an installation before with random objects. I arranged them in one way. Then I realized that the objects were not random: they had a certain similarity of type of colours and most of them were plastic. Why, in the proximity of a forest and a beach,
I chose to use these washed on the shore, half broken, kitschy plastic objects: a piece of a blue bucket,
a red piece of something that might have been a bowl, a yellow part of an unknown object, and a wooden round thing. On top of all this: a red pipe cover.
All the colours of these objects where the ones you find in construction markets for utility objects.
The ones that mark the construction process.

The whole collection of photographs amounts to 110. Here you can see a selection. it Simple_077.jpg it Simple_056.jpg it Simple_084.jpg it Simple_107.jpg it Simple_088.jpg it Simple_102.jpg it Simple_097.jpg it Simple_094.jpg it Simple_052.jpg it Simple_071.jpg it Simple_045.jpg it Simple_041.jpg it Simple_026.jpg it Simple_036.jpg it Simple_023.jpg it Simple_020.jpg it Simple_003.jpg it Simple_010.jpg it Simple_032.jpg it Simple_031.jpg it Simple_027.jpg it Simple_015.jpg it Simple_008.jpg it Simple_001.jpg