The project comprises ten large-format collages of black and white images by Marta Bogdanska combined with excerpts from the writings of Stanisław Strasburger. They are impressions of Lebanon as seen through the eyes of these two young Polish artists. Since time immemorial the written word and the visual image have been the mediums of choice for artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds who wish to comment on the world around them. Bogdanska & Strasburger's collages combine word and image on a strictly equal footing. They have drawn their inspiration from the cultural templates familiar to both Arabic and European traditions reaching from ancient miniatures to modern comic strips. Walid Raad's conceptual collages and urban projections by Jenny Holzer have provided contemporary points of reference.

For Bogdanska and Strasburger travel is a way of life and their artistic medium. The exhibition is the result of their studies centred on Lebanon and the Middle East. It is also an invitation to the viewer to become engaged in a discussion about the challenges faced by anybody who wishes to familiarize him/herself with a foreign culture. To what extent is it possible to immerse oneself in a different culture? Can we, regardless of our best intentions, understand The Other?

Project was funded by Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Polish Embassy in Beirut.