60-day consultancy as Visual Content Producer for one of the biggest non-governmental humanitarian organisations. Marta created several diverse photography essays and reportages, and series of photo portraits. She also filmed and produced short documentaries about DRC's response to Syrian refugees' crisis in the frames of one of DRC's biggest programs (DFiD), showing activities aiming at improvement of refugees situation and Lebanese hosting community capacities. Each documentary was carefully designed to present specific aspect of activities within different areas of operation of DRC's work implemented in Lebanon. The consultancy also comprised of conceptualizing the website structure, creating product briefs, photo editing and supervising audio-visual post-production (photography, video, audio recordings). 3.jpg 9.jpg 7.jpg 11.jpg 13.jpg relocation 7.jpg relocation 11.jpg Halba Second site 24.jpg Halba First site 09.jpg Halba Second site 18.jpg Halba Second site 19.jpg 30.jpg 3.jpg TARP portrait 18.jpg treatment 3.jpg treatment 7.jpg 7.jpg 6.jpg